Thoughts on 2016 Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair

The Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair 2016 was held at the Patrick Henry High School on Friday, October 21st. The event provided great activities including a youth network, a youth keynote, and various workshops. The youth network was a time for teenagers to connect with others who were from different locations in the area. Hanging up around the room were questions and quotes that allowed us to create a space for discussion. This was a time to continue the discussion about social justice issues, furthering our knowledge about different perspectives of social justice and to be aware of the differences of people.

In the youth keynote, six young females were given a few questions relating to the social justice issues in education. They were sharing their thoughts about the way education is set up in schools and the way social justice should be incorporated. Numerous people from different race, gender, ethnicity, and age had attended this part of the event. After the youth keynote, adults were asked to leave, allowing all the youth to attend a more personal informal discussion about social justice. During this time the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions that the six females gave feedback on. The answers that were given created a space for discussion with the people in the audience, making it seem like a conversation rather than a Q&A.

Multiple workshops were offered to everyone to attend.  We, JuiceMedia, had a workshop about sharing the way filmmaking works. IFP MN provided cameras to give the opportunity for people to learn how to capture videos and edit the final film. We taught them how to take shots and angles, capture good audio, and provide broad questions for an interview. This workshop was to help share that film is an important form to share the voices of people.

Overall, the Social Justice Education Fair was a great way to create discussion, be informed about social justice and not only know how to incorporate justice into education, but incorporate it into daily life, too.

— Carlos, Melissa & Sam


About deaconwarner

Deacon Warner is the youth program director at FilmNorth and a freelance filmmaker.
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