VR is a Technological Fetus

When putting on the 2017 Sundance Virtual Reality cardboard goggles, I was transported into the screen of my phone. I was immersed in any world that I wanted, whether that be the nostalgic world of Star Wars or the dark and atmospheric world of Mr. Robot. I had the freedom to choose whichever camera angle I pleased with the slight turn of head.

VR is still in its early stages of development, but even now as a technological fetus, it has so much potential that could rival the birth of film itself. VR is the future of cinema and with this VR headset, JuiceMedia is leading its members towards that bright 360 degree future.

Here are some extra videos to explore with your own VR headset:
“Saturnz Barz” — Gorillaz
“Conjuring 2”

— Ethan

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