JuiceMedia Fall 2017 Has Started!!!!

Today you will hear from four current JuiceMedia students detailing their progress on projects and other endeavors:

“Hi, my name is Henry Ricker! This is my second term with JuiceMedia, and already things are going smoothly. I finished my first project a few weeks ago, in which I was assigned to make a film using only five frames. I’ve also relearned camera operation and lighting, and am currently working on a larger film project.”

“HI, my name is EhKuDu! This is my first term with JuiceMedia. It is fun to be apart of JuiceMedia. I have finished my first project and now I’m working on another. I have met new people, been working together and also helping each other. I have learned how to set up lighting and learned more about Premiere Pro CC.”


“Hi, my name is Paj Ntsha Vang. This is my first time being involved with JuiceMedia, and the experience is great. I never really thought about filmmaking until now, and I’m learning new things that come along with it, which is nice. Making a film together with a group feels really accomplishing, and getting feedback from others opens new ideas. I’m currently working on a film project that I’m still trying to figure out with the help of others. I hope to continue learning new things from JuiceMedia, and also making more films.”


“Hey, I’m Savina Sisneros. I’m a senior, and this is my fifth term at JuiceMedia. Filmmaking is always what I’ve wanted to do, and now that I’ve started, I love it. I currently have waaayyy too many project ideas, and hopefully you will all get to see some of them shortly. You can see what I’ve made already at A Good Reason Film Production on Youtube.”

We’re excited to keep producing (but really juicing) our films!

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