FALLing Into Place

Hear from more folks involved in this fall’s fantastic crew!


“Hi, my name is Ethan Dulaney! This is my 3rd or 4th term at JuiceMedia. I finished my first project a few weeks ago using only 5 frames, and am now scripting another project right now. I also got the opportunity through JuiceMedia to do a promo video for another company’s website.  Right now, I’m learning about cinematography and lighting techniques.”



“Hi there my name is Steven Yearby and this is my first year at juicemedia. Im working on my first project right now and learned about lighting, green screening, editing and more.”


“Hi I’m Nicholas Nicome this is my first term with JuiceMedia. I am currently working on my first film project at JuiceMedia! I’m excited to learn about how to shoot an interview, lighting, and audio. k thx bai”

“Hello, My name is Nuredin Dahir, this is my first year of JuiceMedia and I really like it. I finish my first project. Now am working on my second project which is documentary. I’m 12 grade and am student at Wellstone.”


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