Spring 2018 Final Screening

blog4_1Ever feel like time flies? Last Thursday was the final day of the 2018 spring term of JuiceMedia! It feels like it was just only a short while ago when we were all first meeting each other and creating our scavenger hunt videos. We had a wide range of artists this semester, from seasoned filmmakers to fresh faces; from animators to documentarians. 

The final day was a bit hectic. As always, there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied up such as photocopying the zine together, making final edits, and exporting projects. But the day was equally fun– and most importantly, everything got done in time for the final screening.  In all the semesters I’ve been with JuiceMedia, I’d say it was one of the smoothest.


We celebrated each filmmaker, and especially our graduating seniors, with awards, affirmations, cake and ice cream.

We also reflected on what we learned together over pizza.



During the Q&A portion following the screening, Paj Ntsha noted, “I would have never picked up a camera or done anything with one without the help of JuiceMedia.”


Audrey spoke about how each participant creates with their own “lens” or unique perspective, which was demonstrated in the final pieces.  Audrey also spoke about her upcoming claymation project tackling sexual harassment.


Please enjoy the following films on our vimeo page: 1968My Story; A Grave Mistake; It’s The Story That Matters; STRANGE; Red; Hi, I’m Mentally Ill; and The Little Things.

— Sam, intern & former JuiceMedia member

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