Work, Work, Work

The JuiceMedia student filmmakers are in the midst of production on their final projects of the semester. They’ve only got a couple weeks left before the final screening. These short films are whatever the students want them to be — complete creative freedom from conception to final edits. I sat down with Liam to talk about what production has been like on his film so far.

img_0485.jpg“Acting wise, hasn’t been going bad,” Liam says, “and directing wise? It’s coming along okay.” For his project, Liam has been working in front of and behind the camera. He directs it and he acts in it. He’s tried it before — last summer — and knows how hard it is to balance both sides of production.

It is not easy.

“I feel like if you have more people, the more you can accomplish with filmmaking,” says Liam. He cites all the classic big block busters as evidence: success comes from collaboration. But Liam isn’t completely alone in his filmmaking process. Other JuiceMedia students work along side him to realize his script through both acting and camera work.

Watching the other filmmaking going on all around Vandalia Tower, the power of collaborative effort can be seen in every single one of the other films being made!



About deaconwarner

Deacon Warner is the youth program director at FilmNorth and a freelance filmmaker.
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