Everything From Pre to Post

The students have been busy with everything from pitching, pre-poduction, production, and post this week! Pearl (shown on the left) pitched her idea for a video poem last week and has begun shooting it on FilmNorth’s Canon T2i. She is having her younger sister narrate the poem “America, I Sing You Back,” a poem that celebrates the diverse cultural landscape of the US. She is planning to film various students in their after school clubs that emphasize the importance of diversity. Before JuiceMedia begins, Oli has been leading the students in short warm-ups, ranging from stretching to improv games. In the photo on the right, Tujee is smiling during a warm-up activity.

Emma (shown on the right) has been sifting through public domain Western films to include in her video. The video will follow two siblings who escape a cult and unintentionally reenact the only film they were able to watch, which is a Western. In the photo on the left, Elliott handles the boom to capture audio for Baine’s film. Umpha the intern graciously agreed to act, scoring the role of main character! What an exciting week!

IMG_5492Also, thanks to Emily the intern for giving a super informative audio workshop! She gave a long list of websites to score great audio/music on, showed us what software to use to make our own music, and did a tutorial on cleaning up iffy audio in Premiere. 🙂


About deaconwarner

Deacon Warner is the youth program director at FilmNorth and a freelance filmmaker.
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