Films for a Gloomy Day: JuiceMedia Picks

With Mother Nature catching a cold and making it snow again, everyone can feel a little gray like the clouds. Some people may read a book or play a game while huddled under their blankets, or having fun in the city with some good company.

For the students at JuiceMedia it’s a good film. Here are their answers.

Image result for punch drunk loveBaine: “I would have to go with Punch Drunk Love, because it’s a well-written comedy with some good and obscure humor, as well as having a relatable story.”

Image result for legends of the drunken masterBen: “I like watching Jackie Chan films on a bad day. Legend of the Drunken Master is a personal fave because it’s a perfect blend of well choreographed action with good humor. It just works.”

Image result for kubo and the two strings

Elias: “Kubo & the Two Strings. Hands down. The beautiful stop-motion animation is amazing (expect nothing less from Laika), and the story is wonderful. The music blends well into the narrative, which makes it great for a gloomy day.”


Gavin: “It would have to be a tie between Upgrade from 2018 with its

Image result for upgrade 2018 postercinematography and dark, yet enjoyable story, or King Arthur from 2017 with its music and visuals. Either way, they‘re both great films to watch.”

Image result for frances haIzzy: “I would go with Frances Ha. It’s a bittersweet film, but the writing by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach makes the story and humor work. And I really like Gerwig’s performance in the film.”

Nathan: “I think I would have to go with Eighth Grade. It is a sad film, yeah, but I felt nostalgic for that not-so-distant past.”

Image result for eighth grade poster


Image result for coraline film poster

Sev: “Coraline. I enjoy its atmosphere, and it’s fun to watch on a gloomy day.”

Tommy: “Baby Driver is my pick for sure. I really like the protagonist. He’s so cool. Notjust that, I like the story, the acting, its pacing, music and editing. It’s great even for a sunny day.”Image result for baby driver

If you have a film that you like to watch on a gloomy day, leave a comment below. Or check out the films these students enjoy. It might become your new rainy/snowy/gloomy day film.



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Deacon Warner is the youth program director at FilmNorth and a freelance filmmaker.
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