The JMYC & Our Visiting Artist

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The JuiceMedia Youth Committee has been meeting every other Wednesday to continue to discuss all things JuiceMedia! The youth have been giving amazing input about navigating our virtual format, and how to keep students engaged during quarantine and social distancing.

The students decided that they’d enjoy writing critical response essays about movies they love, which all have been posted here on the blog, as well as on our instagram. The youth also decided to take this next week to do a week-long mini-movie challenge in their peer groups, so be on the look out for those next week! We’re also going to compile a document full of tips and tricks about video production that the youth have learned during their time in JM, to be passed on to all current and incoming students.

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We were overjoyed to have John Akre visit JuiceMedia last week. He shared everything he’s learned about animation during his career, and how important it is to create art as a youth. We asked all sorts of questions about how he developed his style, what kinds of public art he does, and who his influences are. This week we have another visiting artist: FilmNorth’s very own Andrew Peterson! We’ll report back with all the things we learned in our next post. Until then!


About deaconwarner

Deacon Warner is the youth program director at FilmNorth and a freelance filmmaker.
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