Heads Off to You

Happy Halloween from JuiceMedia! This year, we made 15 second horror super shorts during our JuiceMedia session (you can watch those here: https://vimeo.com/475222048). One of our students, Ryan, decided to write a scary short story instead!

Content Warning: Sword Violence (decapitations)

On the night of Halloween in the woods of England 1776, horseman Robert Jackson and
his friend Albert Marshall, a fellow horseman wearing black leather boots, a black
trenchcoat and a steel sword are walking and talking. Ayaan then asks Robert “So what is the thing you needed to show me?” Robert says while pointing in a direction says that it is right over there. As Albert walks towards that direction Robert pulls out his sword and starts to walk behind Albert, as Albert sees what Robert seemingly wants him to see he says “This is just a stump.” Robert then comes up behind him and says “You were always better than me.” but before Albert can respond his head is sliced cleanly off and falls onto the stump. Robert then buries Albert’s body near a nearby farm with a pumpkin patch and marks his grave with a big piece of wood, then he went home to tell his friends who also hated Albert.

20 years later Robert and his 3 friends Henry, Oliver and Steven decide to check on the
body even though it was dark. When they arrived at the spot where Albert was buried, they were surprised to see that instead there was a empty grave marked with the same big piece of wood. After a while of them freaking out that someone might know about Albert’s murder they realize that Oliver is nowhere to be seen.

They decide to split up and as Henry searches for Oliver in the barn he finds him headless and bleeding out, but before Henry can scream in terror he is decapitated by an unknown figure wielding a familiar steel sword.

As Steven searches in the corn field he keeps getting the feeling something is watching
him. “There is nothing watching you it is all in your head,” he told himself but he kept
looking back to make sure. As he reached the middle of the field he saw what looked like a scarecrow on a post, Steven then looked to the right for a second thinking he heard something but when he looked back there was only the post. As Steven thought if he should head back his head is cleanly cut off and lands near some familiar back leather boots.

As Robert was searching the pumpkin patch, he hears footsteps behind him and turns around thinking it’s Oliver but sees the corpse of Albert with a flaming jack-o-lantern for a head. Robert then starts to walk away backwards from this “Headless Horseman” saying “No! No! This is impossible!” until he trips on a pumpkin. The Headless Horseman then walks up to him and cuts his head off, puts the body in his old grave, then gets on a saddled black horse with red eyes and rides it into the woods.

Now on All Hallows Eve 2004, a teenager, Brian, and his friends John, Rick, Mari, Keith, Pete, Ziag and Morty decide to go camping deep in the woods. As they tell horror stories about the man that was killed in those very woods now called ‘The Headless Horseman’ Rick hears the snapping of a twig, John says “It’s probably a squirrel or something.”

The fire starts to go out so Pete volunteers to go get some twigs for the fire, though as he
heads deeper into the woods he hears what sounds like a horse. He heads toward the
noise and finds a saddled black horse with red eyes then turns around to see a man in black leather boots, a black trench coat, and a steel sword with a flaming jack-o-lantern
for a head. As Pete realizes this is the man from the stories his head is sliced cleanly off.

Time goes by and Rick gets worried while everyone is sure that he’s fine, after a while of waiting for Pete to get back everyone gets really tired and goes to sleep in their sleeping bags. In the middle of the night Rick wakes up and hears a weird sound, he tries to wake his friends up only to find them all headless and bleeding out in their sleeping bags. As Rick runs in terror he trips on a log and falls down a hill and injures his leg, as he attempts to get back up he sees back leather boots and looks up to see who it is. He sees a black trenchcoat and a flaming jack-o-lantern, but just before he screams in terror his head is cut off landing on the ground and the Headless horseman rides into the woods waiting for his next round of victims.

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