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Deacon Warner is the youth program director at FilmNorth and a freelance filmmaker.

Thoughts on 2016 Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair

The Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair 2016 was held at the Patrick Henry High School on Friday, October 21st. The event provided great activities including a youth network, a youth keynote, and various workshops. The youth network was a … Continue reading

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Word Vomit

Bear Lantern Guillotine Tragic Love Exclusive Extravaganza Motivation Distracted Apples Eight What Thenceforth Bottom Idk Collaborative Mischievous Memories Lost *Glares* This week at JuiceMedia we did our first round of pitches for our video poems.  People shared their ideas and … Continue reading

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JuiceMedia Fall 2016: Week One Wrap Up

This Thursday was the conclusion of the first week of JuiceMedia. Over the past three days, we have made new friends, shot a short film and screened it, and even coined our own film term (“crunchy”—defined below). This week was … Continue reading

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JuiceMedia Spring 2016 Final Screening

Photos by Will

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SPNN light painting photography

Last week IFP and SPNN students learned a new process of photography called light painting. Light painting photography involves using lights and moving them to form symbols in the air. After three seconds, a picture is taken of the scene. … Continue reading

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Mbah’s new video

Mbah Ojebe is a student at Juice Media and has completed his first film, Leo and Luke. The film is the story of two brothers that enter in the lottery. When Luke wins, Leo hires someone to steal the money for … Continue reading

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JuiceMedia Visit to SPNN’s Studio

On Tuesday the 10th, Juice media went on a visit to SPNN’s facilities, located just a few dozen feet away. The students from both youth programs were experimenting with SPNNs large green screen room, where they got to know each … Continue reading

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