Featured Films

A video poem by Leo Kellogg, titled “Enjoy The View.”

A music video by Jarquez Yankovec and Ameir Davis.  Based on an original song by Jarquez.

A PSA on teen depression by Abigail Larson -Barker.

An adaptation of the nursery rhyme by Moira McNinch

A silent film version of the nursery rhyme adaptation by Moira McNinch.

An experimental silent film by Moira McNinch.

An experimental silent film by Mustaf Nur.

An experimental silent film by Jimmy Morrissey.

A short documentary on JuiceMedia, IFP MN’s after school filmmaking program. Directed by Alexa Akre.

A short film written and directed by Abby Thompson.

A remake of the Allen Ginsburg video poem, performed and directed by Joe Palumbo.

A video poem by Hunter Reeve, based on the poem by Kaileigh Rabidoux.

A snack run takes a strange turn.  Directed by Jimmy Morrissey

A ghost looks for friendship in this short film by Moira McNinch

Created by Kyle Ward, Alexa Akre and Emily Downes

Created by Jimmy Morrissey and Hunter Reeve, based on the poem by Shaun Shane

Based on an original poem by JuiceMedia intern Chutima Yang.

An experimental film created by Harris Sutherland

A video monologue created by Faith Chtristensen

A short documentary dispelling stereotypes of bisexuality, directed by Abby Thompson

A video poem of Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet 17, directed by Lucy Moroukian

A video poem by Tyler Skone, Fall 2013

A video poem by Faith Christensen and Liza Unger, Fall 2013

From the archives, JuiceMedia 2011

JuiceMedia documents a Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council event.

What does a little boy do when something goes bump in the night? Written, directed and edited by Abby Thompson.

A cautionary tale about protecting your identity online.  Created by Spencer Kallsen.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.
Created by Abby Thompson and Satya Varghese Mac.

Video poem based off of the Beatle’s song Across the Universe. As a girl goes about her day she encounters verses of the poem (song) in the strangest places, like a bus and in a coffee shop. She begins to let her mind go free and think of all the crazy fantastical things in life.

A short documentary on the hip hop music producer Lazerbeak of Doomtree.
Directed & edited by Marcus Wilson

A video based on the poem by Michael Kiesow Moore. This video was made at IFP Minnesota as part of JuiceMedia, IFP’s after school youth filmmaking collective.


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