Featured Films


A short film by Savina Sisneros.

A short animation by Sam Ballis.  Winner of Best Animation at 2017 EDU Film Fest.

A short film by Ethan Dulaney.

A compilation of animations by Anna Weimholt.

A fun video by Carlos Hernandez.

An inspirational video poem about taking advantage of the hour at sunrise.  Created by Hunter Gransee-Bowman.

A short video poem by Ethan Shiell.

FALL 2016

A short video poem by Melissa Moua.  Winner of Best Documentary at 2017 EDU Film Festival. Melissa also received the festival’s Emerging Filmmaker of Color award.

A short video poem by Savina Sisneros.  Screened at 2017 EDU Film Festival.

A video poem by Carlos Hernandez, structured as a letter to his older brother.”  Screened at 2017 EDU Film Festival.

A short video poem by Forrest Love.


An experimental silent film by Mustaf Nur.

A short documentary on JuiceMedia, FilmNorth’s after school filmmaking program. Directed by Alexa Akre.

An award-winning short film written and directed by Abby Thompson.

A snack run takes a strange turn.  Directed by Jimmy Morrissey

Created by Kyle Ward, Alexa Akre and Emily Downes

An experimental film created by Harris Sutherland

A video poem by Faith Christensen and Liza Unger, Fall 2013

JuiceMedia documents a Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council event.

A cautionary tale about protecting your identity online.  Created by Spencer Kallsen.

Video poem based off of the Beatles’ song Across the Universe. As a girl goes about her day she encounters verses of the poem (song) in the strangest places, like a bus and in a coffee shop. She begins to let her mind go free and think of all the crazy fantastical things in life.

A short documentary on the hip hop music producer Lazerbeak of Doomtree.
Directed & edited by Marcus Wilson.


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