10 Reasons Why You Should Join JuiceMedia

We shouldn’t have to persuade you to join the JuiceMedia crew but if you’re still wondering why to join, here are 10 answers:

1.) It’s a nice time to decompress after school while doing what you love.
15 more minutes until Geometry is over and JuiceMedia begins!

2.) You can always count on tasty snacks to get you through the evening.
Hummus and fruit and chips, oh my!

3.) We’re always arguing about movies.
In a productive way, of course…

4.) Everyone is always willing to help each other create.
Collaboration is key!

5.) There’s so much to learn.
Want to learn editing? Sound design? Motion graphics? Scriptwriting? We got you.

6.) The instructor and interns are the best.
They love what they do and they do it well.

7.) The students make the best films and the critiques are important!
Animated, comedy, drama, action–-there’s always something exciting.

8.) There’s access to all of the professional equipment!
Whatever you want to create, we have what you need to get the job done.

9.) You make tons of connections, which lead to more opportunities!
Guest speaker day today? Horrah!

10.) You learn a very important lesson: planning!
Storyboards, scripts, shot lists galore!

So, why wouldn’t you join the coolest team in the world?  If you are interested in being part of the JuiceMedia crew, please complete our online application.

— Elena, intern

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Fall 2017 Final Screening

In December of 2017, JuiceMedia students presented their short films made over the course of our fall term to an audience of friends, family and community members in our Vandalia Tower space!

These talented youth tackled subjects from comedy to thriller to documentary and all demonstrated a unique voice and understanding of the wonderful medium.

We’d like to thank the students for all their hard work and effort through the season, and all their supportive family and friends for attending the screening.

blogpostfinalWe hope to see you all in the Spring!

To view the terrific work by our youth, click here.

— Maxwell, intern

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FALLing Into Place

Hear from more folks involved in this fall’s fantastic crew!


“Hi, my name is Ethan Dulaney! This is my 3rd or 4th term at JuiceMedia. I finished my first project a few weeks ago using only 5 frames, and am now scripting another project right now. I also got the opportunity through JuiceMedia to do a promo video for another company’s website.  Right now, I’m learning about cinematography and lighting techniques.”



“Hi there my name is Steven Yearby and this is my first year at juicemedia. Im working on my first project right now and learned about lighting, green screening, editing and more.”


“Hi I’m Nicholas Nicome this is my first term with JuiceMedia. I am currently working on my first film project at JuiceMedia! I’m excited to learn about how to shoot an interview, lighting, and audio. k thx bai”

“Hello, My name is Nuredin Dahir, this is my first year of JuiceMedia and I really like it. I finish my first project. Now am working on my second project which is documentary. I’m 12 grade and am student at Wellstone.”


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JuiceMedia Fall 2017 Has Started!!!!

Today you will hear from four current JuiceMedia students detailing their progress on projects and other endeavors:

“Hi, my name is Henry Ricker! This is my second term with JuiceMedia, and already things are going smoothly. I finished my first project a few weeks ago, in which I was assigned to make a film using only five frames. I’ve also relearned camera operation and lighting, and am currently working on a larger film project.”

“HI, my name is EhKuDu! This is my first term with JuiceMedia. It is fun to be apart of JuiceMedia. I have finished my first project and now I’m working on another. I have met new people, been working together and also helping each other. I have learned how to set up lighting and learned more about Premiere Pro CC.”


“Hi, my name is Paj Ntsha Vang. This is my first time being involved with JuiceMedia, and the experience is great. I never really thought about filmmaking until now, and I’m learning new things that come along with it, which is nice. Making a film together with a group feels really accomplishing, and getting feedback from others opens new ideas. I’m currently working on a film project that I’m still trying to figure out with the help of others. I hope to continue learning new things from JuiceMedia, and also making more films.”


“Hey, I’m Savina Sisneros. I’m a senior, and this is my fifth term at JuiceMedia. Filmmaking is always what I’ve wanted to do, and now that I’ve started, I love it. I currently have waaayyy too many project ideas, and hopefully you will all get to see some of them shortly. You can see what I’ve made already at A Good Reason Film Production on Youtube.”

We’re excited to keep producing (but really juicing) our films!

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Spring 2017 Final Screening

Earlier this May, JuiceMedia students celebrated their efforts with a final screening at our Vandalia space.  Audience members were treated to a blend of thoughtful short films, talented animations, and heartwarming documentary pieces.  View the final films on our Vimeo channel.

IMG_7665.JPGIMG_7653 copy.jpgIMG_7678.JPG
IMG_7685 cropped.JPG— Photos by Raj

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JuiceMedia Guests

Over the course of the 2017 spring session, JuiceMedia students have had the opportunity to meet some successful and very talented folks from the Twin Cities’ independent filmmaking world.  Our guests included Dawn Mikkelson, Alisha Mueller, Jesse Roesler, Xiaolu Wang, Melody Gilbert and Michael Forstein.  Having filmmakers like this come in and share their work is awesome because it shows how expansive the field of filmmaking really is.  Below is a little snippet about each talented filmmaker.

green green water.jpgDawn Mikkelson
Mikkelson has completed four award-winning independent feature documentaries, The Red Tail, Green Green Water, THIS obedience, and Treading Water: a documentary, which illuminate larger societal issues while creating understanding through the intimate stories of individuals. When she visited juiceMedia, she talked about crowd-sourcing, grants, and other ways one can kick start their independent film project.

Alicia Mueller and Michael Forstein
Alisha and Michael came together on the same day. Alisha was a script supervisor, which necessitated some clarification. On a film set, Alisha will follow the script and make sure that the scene is set up exactly the same way it was left from a previous take (water bottle is upright, pillow is flat on the couch, etc). Moreover, she makes sure that shooting happens in a way that makes it easier for the editor.

Michael is an independent filmmaker. He has filmed everything from thriller to comedy. He gave the juiceMedia folks some insight about how a narrative film is constructed and how to distribute it for screening.

Jesse Roesler
As an Emmy and James Beard award winning filmmaker, Jesse has become very successful in the Twin Cities film scene. His film Starfish Throwers is a critically acclaimed documentary and has screened in several places globally. Seven years ago, he started Bolster/Credo, a creative brand management and non-fiction cinema production company that has clients all over the world.


Xiaolu Wang
Xiaolu is a filmmaker from the Twin Cities who came in to show a powerful piece about her name. The film was a very poetic piece that paired images with her own narration about her name and how the film was an attempt to reject her American name and reclaim her original name.  She was also looking for potential interns who wanted to Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 5.24.06 PM.pngexpand their video portfolio and help her with an interactive art exhibit.  Now partnered with JuiceMedia alumni Melissa, Xiaolu is currently documenting local artist Marcus Young’s collaborative dance project, Don’t You Feel It Too?.

Melody Gilbert
melodygilber.jpegMelody is an established documentary filmmaker in the Twin Cities who is known for her small crew, run-and-gun style filmmaking. She produced Jesse Roesler’s Starfish Throwers, and has directed The Summer Help, Steps in the Fire, and A Life Without Pain. She teaches workshops at IFP and came in to talk to students about the multidimensional process of beginning a documentary film. Most students were surprised when they found out how complex the formation of even a simple documentary can be.

— Markus

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JuiceMedia at EDU Film Fest 2017

This year you can catch some of our JuiceMedia student films at the upcoming EDU film festival! Check the festival’s schedule for Ethan S’s Optimist Club, Melissa’s Memories, Sam’s Lovers and New Frontier, Savina’s Uncomfortable and Ethan D’s Moonlight Sonata. Overall, thirteen short films made by students in the various IFP MN youth programs will be featured.

This year’s fest takes place at the Showplace ICON Theaters in St Louis Park on Friday, May 19, 10 am to 3 pm.  A panel discussion on women in film and television takes place 11:30 am-12:15 pm. The best of the fest finalist showcase screens 1:10-2:40 pm. EDU is free and open to the public.

Come and support our young emerging filmmakers on May 19!  More information on the fest can be found here.

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