Visiting Artist Series: Joanna Kohler


Joanna visited JuiceMedia today to discuss her filmmaking career. She told us about getting proper lighting, how she gets jobs, and her creative process. Joanna owns a film production company called Kohler Productions. With Kohler Productions, she films what non-profits and various industries and organizations ask her for, and talked about how that helps her create better films. The restrictions that come with an unexpected job help her decide how to overcome them.

She talked about how filming projects in Israel and her friends and family had helped her get into film. She mainly focuses on social justice issues in her films. She says if you’re passionate about filmmaking then you should stick with it, even if it can be hard to get a start.

Having Joanna visit JuiceMedia was a delight!


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Adventures at CineLatino


From November 8-11, CineLatino took place at the St. Anthony Main Theatre in St. Paul. Cine Latino has always been a platform to show Latino culture based films to moviegoers alike that may not have the opportunity to see them anywhere else.

As a part of the youth social media team, Ainsley and I (Baine) interviewed and captured footage across the whole festival, including sitting down with and interviewing director Diego Araujo (“Black Hole”) and actress Gabriela Cartol (“The Chambermaid”). Overall, footage of diverse directors and even more diverse films filled the theatre.



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Pitches and Reptiles and InstagramTV, Oh My!


This week consisted of final video poem screenings, project two pre-production, and pitches. In the photo on the left, Na’Riyah responds to Ben’s pitch as he stands and the front of the room and explains his idea.


Ben plans to make a horror/sci-fi/fantasy flick about a cop who is called to check on an animal disturbance in a residential home. Then, things go amiss and intensity ensues.


Between pitches, Elliott shared a story about the (now closed) Cape Fear Serpentarium in Wilmington, NC. His project two film is a commentary on social media use. He plans to use his phone to film most of his short narrative movie. And just like that, that’s a wrap on week 6 of JuiceMedia! Now it’s time to finish drawing out those storyboards and dive into project two production.

Check out some of the students’ finished video poems (yay!!) here:

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JuiceMedia’s Movie Picks For Halloween

hallooween Halloween

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without this John Carpenter classic.





UnknownThe Nightmare Before Christmas

Many debate about whether this film is a Halloween film or a Christmas film, JuiceMedia says Halloween!





Unknown-1Hocus Pocus

This Disney film pits three kids and magical cat against a coven of witches, a fun Halloween film for everyone.





Unknown-2The Silence of the Lambs

This psychological thriller/horror is going to make you want to take a shower after watching it.




Unknown-3Scooby Doo (TV)

Any episode of this beloved animated show will be perfect for Halloween!

Unknown-4No Country For Old Men

In the words of the JuiceMedia student who picked this, “this film isn’t a horror film but it might as well be.” Javier Bardem’s chilling performance is every bit as terrifying as any of the great Halloween monsters.


Unknown-5Trick ‘r Treat

This critically acclaimed sleeper hit brings an awesome mix of interwoven stories perfect for Halloween!




Unknown-6Psych (TV)

The Tuesday the 17th episode of this comedic procedural is perfect for Halloween!




Unknown-7The VVitch

This period horror piece is a Halloween classic in the making.




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Motion Poem Madness

The first JuiceMedia project is making motion poems. Motion poems are spoken poems or song lyrics set to film. It is very exciting that here at JuiceMedia we have many interpretations to the challenge of creating a motion poem. For example, Some students found poems and songs, while many wrote their own. There is also a lot of creativity in how and where videos were filmed. For example, some videos are filmed mainly outside, some indoors, and some are entirely animation. Each project is completely unique while still following the prompt.  IMG_3220

Last week was mainly spent on pitching ideas and filming the motion poems. This means this week has been primarily focused on editing and collecting audio. The students have been learning many different skills though the editing process some of these skills include; creating title sequences, color correcting, and transitions. We have also been learning about recording good audio and editing it to fit well with film.


Next week we will be viewing the rough cuts of the motion poems. This is exciting because everyone will get to share what they have been working on and share ideas.

-Rachel Z. Meyer, Intern



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An Interview to Remember


I was given the chance to interview one of JuiceMedia’s interns, Jacob.  I asked him a few questions about different types of film and JuiceMedia.

The first question I asked him about which kind of film is his favorite. He responded by saying, “I’m am a fan of any type of film. But if I had to pick a favorite genre it would have to pick thrillers, or suspense. Films that are complex. I enjoy those kind of thriller aspects.”

In my next question I asked about how he felt things were going for JuiceMedia ninth day.

“For the first couple of weeks things are going good. Everyone has been doing a good job, working really hard. Everybody has been coming up with some really good ideas too.

The video poems I feel are pretty simple, to pick something then match that to a visual. The ideas that have come from that though have been really interesting and I have been wowed. I’ve had a lot of fun just hanging out and I can’t wait to see how everything comes together.”



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Jesse Roesler Visits JuiceMedia


Today, we had Jesse Roesler come in to talk about his career and experience as a film creator. He showed us his works such as The Starfish Throwers, and talked about how he became a film director. He talked about how hard but rewarding it can be to film a documentary, and his passion for filming. He’s also been hired by different companies to create different commercials.


He mentioned that Saint Paul is a good place for getting into the documentary scene. Jesse uses DXS Mark 2, Red Cameras, and Cannon, but it really depends on the type of mood he is trying to portray. He believes that going to film school, while not necessary, can help with networking and certain types of filming.

-Teah and Ainsley

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