Check out various filmmaking tutorials, websites and additional resources.

Tutorials: Cameras, Audio, Lighting
DSLR Lighting Techniques from Eve Hazelton (7 min)

Lenses, Compositions and Angles (7:30 min)

Camera Angles and Movement in Childish Gambino’s “This is America” (5 min)

Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make (17:04 min)

Three Beginning Editing Mistakes (3:05 min)

Audio Tips for Filmmaking (8:17 min)

Audio for Video: Lavaliere & Shotgun Mics, Boompoles, External Recorders (4:53 min)

How to Create A Storyboard (9:19 min)

Different kinds of lighting setups (webpage with text and images)

This One Thing Will Make Your Editing Better (6:58 min)

How to Find the Best Camera Angles (4:44 min)

Telling Your Story with Different Shots (4:00 min)

DLSR Filmmaking From Beginner to Pro (entire online course, 1 hr, 30 min)

Math Tricks for Filmmakers: F-stop, Histogram, Rule of Thirds

Film Analysis Video Essays
Guillermo del Toro: How to Master Worldbuilding (9:27 min)

Understanding the Cinematography of Bradford Young (4:24 min)

Carol: The Love Story in A Look (8:10 min)

Wong Kar-Wai and Selfhood (7:51 min)

Colour in Storytelling (16:24 min)

In Praise of 16mm (7:48 min)

Scene Breakdown | The Social Network


Anatomy of the Dreamlike Romance (9:48 min)

Taika Waititi: Mastering Happy Sad Cinema (9:23 min)

Moonlight Explained: Cameras, Symbols & More (10:57 min)

Inarritu’s Visual Poetry (4 min)

David Lean’s Scene Transitions (8 min)

Premium Beat provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.

No Film School – This site features a little bit of everything from gear to tutorials to forums. There is a lot of information on here.

Wolfcrow – Filmmaking for beginners. Lots of basics, lots of uncommon information, good workflow techniques for post-production.

Film School Rejects  – Filmmaking reviews and articles.

Motionographer – (pronounced like “oceanographer”) is a source of inspiration and insight for designers, animators and storytellers of all stripes.

Film Sourcing – Everything from tutorials to fake brands to use in your films.  Tutorials, downloads, articles and resources for making a movie poster.  *Some free, some not.

Practice film lingo

Watch all the Hitchcock movies here:

Free sound effects

Do you have a Saint Paul Public Library card?  Use it to access for free and view hundreds of video related tutorials.  More instructions here.

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