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Technical Tutorials 

LinkedIn Learning


Khan Academy Storytelling Lessons (centered around film and visual storytelling):

Lenses, Compositions and Angles (7:30 min)

Telling Your Story with Different Shots (4 min)

How to Shoot Gorgeous Documentary Interviews (webpage)

Lighting                                                                                                                                      Different kinds of lighting setups (webpage)

DSLR Lighting Techniques from Eve Hazelton (7 min)

Audio                                                                                                                                              Audio Tips for Filmmaking (8 min)

Audio for Video: Lavaliere & Shotgun Mics, Boompoles, External Recorders (5 min)

Editing                                                                                                                                              Three Beginning Editing Mistakes (3 min)

This One Thing Will Make Your Editing Better (7 min)

Film Analysis Video Essays

Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement (8:30 min)                    

Anatomy of the Dreamlike Romance (10 min)

Carol: The Love Story in A Look (8 min)

Colour in Storytelling (16:30 min)

David Lean’s Scene Transitions (8 min)

In Praise of 16mm (8 min)

Inarritu’s Visual Poetry (4 min)

Moonlight Explained: Cameras, Symbols & More (11 min)


Scene Breakdown | The Social Network (6 min)

SFX Secrets: Aspect Ratios                                                

Taika Waititi: Mastering Happy Sad Cinema (9:30 min)

Wong Kar-Wai and Selfhood (8 min)


Film School Rejects  – Filmmaking reviews and articles.

Film Sourcing – Everything from tutorials to fake brands to use in your films. Tutorials, downloads, articles and resources for making a movie poster.  *Some free, some not.

Google Arts and Culture – This database has a ton of awesome artistic and cultural resources (across nearly all mediums). This link will take you to their film collections including a Mosfilm collection and Korean Film Archive.

Kanopy — Stream thousands of films for free, thanks to the generous support of your public library or university. ​Access for free by logging in with your library card info.

LinkedIn Learning – Do you have a Saint Paul Public Library card?  Use it to access LinkedIn Learning for free and view hundreds of video related tutorials. More instructions here.
LinkedIn Learning

Motionographer – (pronounced like “oceanographer”) is a source of inspiration and insight for designers, animators and storytellers of all stripes.

No Film School – This site features a little bit of everything from gear to tutorials to forums. There is a lot of information on here.

Premium Beat provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.

SkillShare — free video classes for podcasts, creative writing, film/video, animation, etc.

Wolfcrow – Filmmaking for beginners. Lots of basics, lots of uncommon information, good workflow techniques for post-production.


Watch all the Hitchcock movies here:

Free sound effects                                                        

Last updated November 23, 2020.

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